Orange Pu-erh –

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Orange Pu-erh

Orange Pu-erh

Old and chilled? This one is not from cryo lab ;)

In fact, Orange Puerh is created with a tea traditionally more grounded and masculine. This is a beautiful tea to finish off your dinner or BBQ. It helps digestion and has a wonderful citrus taste.

Puerh is well known as a digestive tea in Chinese culture. While the brew looks dark (typically), it is actually not that strong. However, puerh does have a more earthy flavour on its own. This orange version is great as an iced tea use Puerh as a base.

Makes 1 cup

  • Half cup lightly brewed Pu-erh tea, cooled
  • Half cup orange juice, chilled



  1. Mix liquid.
  2. Ready to enjoy. Adjust proportion of pu-erh or orange juice to your liking


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