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Eight Treasure Tea (八宝茶)

Eight Treasure Tea (八宝茶)

“Eight Treasures” is popular because it's sweet and delicious and has many health benefits. Eight Treasure Tea, in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is created to improve blood circulation, raise energy levels, boost the immune system, clear lightheadedness, aid liver function and breathing. 

Ladies (and lads), Eight Treasure (Ba Bao Cha) Tea can also help remove dark under-eye circles, hydrate dry skin, fight fatigue, and can help women maintain a regular menstrual cycle, according to our Chinese herbalists.

*There are a few variations of Eight Treasure Teas around, * indicates the typical ingredients found in this tea.

Eight Treasure Tea (Ba Bao Cha) is a blend of:

  • Chinese Red Dates (Jujube) *,
  • Wolfberries (=Goji Berries)*,
  • Dried Longan (a brown skin fruit similar to Lychee)*,
  • Chrysanthemum*,
  • Rock Sugar*,
  • Dried Lily Buds,
  • Jasmine Tea and
  • Mai Dong (a herb for cooling the system).

And here is a slightly more stimulating variation of Eight Treasure Tea:

  • Green tea Jasmine green tea brings out a more floral flavor.
  • Dried Chrysanthemum*: 1–2 tablespoons 
  • Goji Berries*: 4–6 berries
  • Dried Chinese Red Dates (Jujube)*: 2 fruits
  • Dried Dragon Eye (Longan)*: 2 pieces 
  • Licorice root: 1–2 pieces
  • American Ginseng: 1–2 roots 
  • Rock Sugar*

This herbal blend produces a mildly sweet tea brew, is believed to reduce cholesterol, aid digestion and blood circulation and strengthen the body’s immune system in Chinese folk medicine.


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