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Tea Recipes

Osmanthus Throat Soother

Throat Soother

Osmanthus is a beautiful Chinese herb for taking care of your throat. Osmanthus was regarded as an imperial herb in ancient Chinese cooking. These...
Noodles with Jasmine Green tea broth

Noodles with Jasmine Green tea broth

Upgrade your instant noodles to the “foodie” status in a zip with this recipe! Green tea with Jasmine available to order on Teas.com.au  
Earl Grey Black Tea

Earl Grey Latte (London Fog)

Have you tried Tea Latte? Frothy tea sounds weird? But then again, if we do frothy coffee (latte), why not frothy tea? If you love Earl Grey and f...

Experience Tea

Quick Guide to White Tea

Quick Guide to White Tea

White tea got its name from the light colour / almost colourless brew. Treasured by many Chinese tea drinkers, researches suggest white tea has mor...
Step aside, Chai Latte! Real Chai tea is here!

Step aside, Chai Latte! Real Chai tea is here!

Cinnamon, cardamom, ginger...all infused in a rich black tea brew. Imagine yourself walking into a warm home with the wonderful smell of Chai in a ...
Tea: the Brain Drink

Tea: the Brain Drink

Many of us swear by our cups of tea helps us to stay sharp. It was said many inventors and scientists, including Einstein, were avid tea drinkers. ...

Tea Time = Me Time

Tea is the second most drunk beverage in the world, next to water. 

But not everyone realises how to drink tea for happier and healthier body and mind. 

Starting today, a cup of tea at a time, you can be happier and healthier.

We want to share how, if you allow us to...

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