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The I-Ching drinks tea 易經喝茶

The I-Ching drinks tea 易經喝茶

☰/☳ Tea Time equals Me Time. For me, whether it be through Baguazhang 八卦掌 and/or Tea 茶, this concept pervades everything I do now. ☳/☵ Today, just happens to be one of those days in which I am not really here. Physically I am. Materially and energetically also. But spiritually I have succeeded in...
Monopoly drinks tea 大富翁喝茶

Monopoly drinks tea 大富翁喝茶

☰ Recently while enjoying Nigori-style saki 濁り酒 and oolong tea 烏龍茶 overlooking a beautiful garden, I found myself ruminating about what Baguazhang 八卦掌 means to me. ☵ And then as if a little nudge from heaven decided to join in, a dear close friend of mine asked me why I like to mix martial arts with...
Cloudy Matcha Nigori-style Saki

Cloudy Matcha Nigori-style Saki

It is a new year and for green tea drinkers out there, matcha is the thing to drink.But what if you prefer alcohol and are looking for something different?How about unfiltered 'cloudy' Nigori Saki?It has a pleasant floral smell with a smooth milky texture. I joke that it can pass...

Tea lovers,
get the SECRETS to drinking tea like a pro.

Tea is the second most consumed beverage. Yet, many are brewing it wrong,

or not knowing what tea really is.


Time to debunk the tea habits, buy and drink tea like a pro!

Get the 7 Secrets to Great Tea now.

In the 7 Secrets to Great Tea, you will find

Tea Types

Quality and Grading


Choosing Teaware

Tea Profiles

Is Tea Good for You

Tea in Kitchen (Recipes)


Tea, strictly speaking, is the liquid yield from brewing the leaves from the tea plant, Camellia Sinensis.


However, tea is now also very loosely used to describe any liquid yield from brewing any bit of plant!


To make it more confusing, there are many grades of the same thing, without any standardized indicators. So, an English Breakfast in a cafe could be totally different (unfortunately often worse) than an English Breakfast from a tea house.

How to choose “great tea”?


Great tea means different things to different people. After years in the tea industry, we are repeatedly reminded that there are fans for bitter tea and fans for chopped up teas, both often defined as “poor tea”.


To debunk tea myths, and make every cup of tea more enjoyable, we created this educational series  “7 Secrets to Great Tea” for you.

Beautiful leaf tea

Each day for 7 days, we will share tea secrets with you.


So start learning more about tea and drink more good tea! If you are going to spend time to make tea and drink tea, it might as well be a good one! It will make you happier!

Chocolate Cake,
Stand Aside!

Tea is great for drinking, as well as cooking! 


Make Matcha Tiramisu, cocktail, pancakes and more. Try our tea recipes inside the 7 Secrets to Great Tea to impress your family and friends.

Drink tea like a pro.

Although tea is the second most consumed beverage, many are still brewing it wrong, or not knowing what is really tea. 


The 7 Secrets to Great Tea is going to help you to buy, brew and drink tea like a pro! 


Get the 7 Secrets to Great Tea now.