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Tea Recipes

Lovers’ Fruit Punch

Lovers’ Fruit Punch

This is a beautiful and delicious summer drink. It tastes very much like the fruit punch I used to have when I lived in Hong Kong. Non alcoholic wh...

Orange Pu-erh

Old and chilled? This one is not from cryo lab ;) In fact, Orange Puerh is created with a tea traditionally more grounded and masculine. This is a...
Earl Grey Pound Cake

Earl Grey Pound Cake

Earl Grey black tea is one of the most popular afternoon tea. Adding Earl Grey into the traditional pound cake gives the cake a delightful fragranc...

Experience Tea

Black Tea Introduction

Black Tea Introduction

Black tea is an awesome tea to start the day. It is full of flavour, and many like to brew it stronger and add milk or lemon to give your body and ...
Get to Know Your Tea

Get to Know Your Tea

Finding great tea is like treasure hunt. To find that elusive liquid golden goodness, one needs to be brave to try any tea (how about tea grown in ...
Making Lightness the New You

Making Lightness the New You

Today, I saw 2 people carrying the same bag! The bag says "Emotional Baggage".  Weight, as in weight loss, weight management - fat vs thin etc, i...