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Tea Recipes

Blue Cheese with Matcha

Blue Cheese with Matcha

An Asian touch to this popular Australian dish. The osmanthus flowers and aprioct will leave a floral aftertaste in your mouth and it is so easy to...
Lovers’ Fruit Punch

Lovers’ Fruit Punch

This is a beautiful and delicious summer drink. It tastes very much like the fruit punch I used to have when I lived in Hong Kong. Non alcoholic wh...

Orange Pu-erh

Old and chilled? This one is not from cryo lab ;) In fact, Orange Puerh is created with a tea traditionally more grounded and masculine. This is a...

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Tea Lifestyle Challenge with Tuttle Publishing

Tea Lifestyle Challenge with Tuttle Publishing

We are giving away books for 12 weeks till end of 2018. Plenty of chances to win books on various topics from Tuttle Publishing.  12 Weeks to Chr...
The Book of Tea

The Book of Tea

The Book of Tea - By Okakura Kakuzo Upon this long journey of mine that has been one of a tea merchant trading in loose leaf tea for profit...
Step aside, Chai Latte! Real Chai tea is here!

Step aside, Chai Latte! Real Chai tea is here!

Wet days and cold days are Chai drinking days! Just imagine walking into a warm home with the wonderful smell of Chai…breathe in the aromatic spice...