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Tea Recipes

Puerh sesame paste beef with cabbage

Puerh sesame paste beef with cabbage

Great sesame taste, this dish is very delicious to go with rice. If you like Teriyaki beef or chicken, this is a great dish to try. In Chinese herb...
Hibiscus Blood Orange Cake

Hibiscus Blood Orange Cake

What's better than chilling with a slice of bloody red cake to celebrate the festivity of Halloween? LOL Tea used in this cake: Hibiscus Ingredient...
Best tea to make iced tea

Best tea to make iced tea

Q: Could you please recommend best tea to make iced tea? Do you have any teas that are specially blended for iced tea? Thanks. A: Thank you for you...

Experience Tea

Raw and Ripe Puerh

Puerh Introduction

Pu-erh tea enjoys the reputation as “Weight-loss tea”, “Beauty tea”, “Slimming tea” and “Health tea”. Puerh is aged compared to all other teas are ...
Where to Buy Tea in Australia

Where to Buy Tea in Australia

In the above video: Wanting to buy tea? There are many teashops out there and also there are online shops like us now. So where to buy tea in Austr...
Hibiscus, also known as Roselle and many other names

Hibiscus, also known as Roselle and many other names

Never knew Hibiscus was drinkable before I worked in the tea industry. And now, we are most surprised when people from various cultures in Australi...

Great to hear you love playing with tea :)

We love playing with tea as much as drinking it. Matcha Tiramisu, Earl Grey Latte, Jasmine green tea noodles and Hibiscus jelly are some of our favourites.

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Bonus! This is one of our latest and greatest tea creations - enjoy!

We Recommend

Captain's Breakfast

You love strong tea? One that has bold flavour, good aroma and of course flavourfully strong?

Then charter your course to Captain's Breakfast. It is our strongest black tea that is well suited with milk. Don't compromise, drink your tea like a boss (or a captain)!