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Tea Recipes


Sweet Rice Balls with Rose Oolong tea

The well known Chinese dessert, “Tong Yuan” (Soup Balls), is often served in Chinese new year to symbolise union. It can be made with kids, and the...
Eight Treasure Tea (八宝茶)

Eight Treasure Tea (八宝茶)

“Eight Treasures” is popular because it's sweet and delicious and has many health benefits. Eight Treasure Tea, in traditional Chinese medicine (TC...
Caramel Milk Tea Frappe

Caramel Milk Tea Frappe

Love a sweet tea? Then this Caramel Black Tea Frappe will be a cooling delight for your hot summer day. The first time I tried caramel tea was back...

Experience Tea

What are Buddha Tears

What are Buddha Tears

If you are looking for Buddha Tears, you ought to be looking for jasmine Dragon Pearls instead. Jasmine Dragon Pearls (Downy Pearls /Buddha Tears) ...
Ginseng Chicken soup with Jujube and wolfberries

Kung Fu Ginseng Chicken Soup (功夫人蔘雞湯)

In popular Kung Fu movies and books, when a fighter is injured and needs a magic potion to instantly heal him in a heartbeat to be ready to defeat...
Tea mindfulness starter guide

Destress with Mindfulness and Tea

Are you feeling stressed? Do you want to slow down but don't know how? Remember when you were little: you would be doing one thing at a time - be i...

Tea Time = Me Time

Tea is the second most drunk beverage in the world, next to water. 

But not everyone realises how to drink tea for happier and healthier body and mind. 

Starting today, a cup of tea at a time, you can be happier and healthier.

We want to share how, if you allow us to...

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