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Tea Recipes

Osmanthus Nian Go

Osmanthus Nian Go

Nian Go (Rice Cake) is one of the traditional food eaten in Chinese New Year. It is hot, sticky and sweet. It's a sticky mess to eat, but what a de...
Rose Panna Cotta

Rose Panna Cotta

This is a beautiful variation of Rose buds floral touch. Great afternoon tea delight. Tips: Soak rose buds in hot milk to bring out the flavour. Do...
Throat Soother

Throat Soother

Osmanthus was regarded as an imperial herb in ancient Chinese cooking. It is very fragrant even when a small portion is used. Filtered infusion wor...

Experience Tea

Are you spellbound by Chai and want more of it?

Are you spellbound by Chai and want more of it?

A good chai is a spell. It seizes your senses – the taste in your mouth, the warmth in your body, the spices in the powerful aroma…it is not just a...
Lu Weide and wife drinking tea in Jinan City

Lu Weide drinks tea 喝茶

☳ Somewhere at a certain level all tea tastes good when it is made well. When we find that place, it seems as if our whole life has suddenly been...
Donnie Yen drinking tea

Donnie Yen drinks tea 甄子丹喝茶

☵ Donnie Yen drinks tea 甄子丹喝茶. Yup, that's right. He drinks tea... He also drinks coffee, beer, wine and boiled warm water. But for tea drinkers ...