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Tea Recipes

Caramel Milk Tea Frappe

Caramel Milk Tea Frappe

Love a sweet tea? Then this Caramel Black Tea Frappe will be a cooling delight for your hot summer day. The first time I tried caramel tea was back...
Throat Soother

Throat Soother

Osmanthus is a beautiful Chinese herb for taking care of your throat. Osmanthus was regarded as an imperial herb in ancient Chinese cooking. These...
Osmanthus Tong Yuan with Rice Wine Syrup

Osmanthus Tong Yuan with Rice Wine Syrup

“Tong Yuan” (Soup Balls), is not only a great dessert, it is also a fantastic food to make with kids. This is in fact the first dessert I remember...

Experience Tea

Aikido 合気道 woman throwing opponent

Matcha Aikido 抹茶合気道

These days it is easy to get a matcha latte. But few realise that what they are drinking isn’t matcha anything. What they are actually getting is ...
Girl doing Piguaquan 劈掛拳

Gunpowder (Zhu Cha) Piguaquan 珠茶劈掛拳

Zhu Cha 珠茶 gets its English name from the way it looks (small gunpowder pellets), and from the way it smells (the after-smell of a used pistol). A...
Women practicing Bajiquan 八極拳 together

Puerh Bajiquan 普洱八極拳

Tradition holds that on the day Bajiquan 八極拳 arrived in Hong Kong, a mighty typhoon struck. And the first cup of tea bought, happened to be a cup ...