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Chinese woman in black doing Baguazhang 八卦掌

Yunnan Red Baguazhang 滇紅茶八卦掌

Once upon a time, when I was a child, I used to look up at the puffy white clouds and wonder about what life would be like from up there. Those cl...
Wudang swords-woman

Ti Kuan Yin Oolong Wudang Quan 鐵觀音烏龍茶武當拳

The Goddess of Mercy, Kuan Yin 觀音 transcends both Taoist and Buddhist belief. Hence the distinction between what is internal and what is external ...
Just like onions, 烏龍茶 oolong tea has layers

Just like onions, 烏龍茶 oolong tea has layers

If you are ready to venture into the deeper levels of tea, I suggest trying oolong (wulong) tea.  Nothing wrong with black tea or green tea, or he...
Black Dragon in tea: Oolong

Black Dragon in tea: Oolong

One tea that is getting some attention these days is Oolong (Wu-Long). Oolong, in Chinese means “Black Dragon”. Oolong has been long associated with weight management and digestive functions in Asia. Let’s explore Wulong. 

Chinese woman meditating before doing Kung Fu Cha

Sow Mee Tea Martial Qigong 壽眉茶武氣功

Typically at Yum Cha there are three options to the tea: jasmine green tea, chrysanthemum herbal tea and Sow Mee tea 壽眉茶. Sow Mee tea is classed u...
Aikido 合気道 woman throwing opponent

Matcha Aikido 抹茶合気道

These days it is easy to get a matcha latte. But few realise that what they are drinking isn’t matcha anything. What they are actually getting is ...
Girl doing Piguaquan 劈掛拳

Gunpowder (Zhu Cha) Piguaquan 珠茶劈掛拳

Zhu Cha 珠茶 gets its English name from the way it looks (small gunpowder pellets), and from the way it smells (the after-smell of a used pistol). A...
Women practicing Bajiquan 八極拳 together

Puerh Bajiquan 普洱八極拳

Tradition holds that on the day Bajiquan 八極拳 arrived in Hong Kong, a mighty typhoon struck. And the first cup of tea bought, happened to be a cup ...
Xing Yi Quan woman

Jasmine Green Tea Xingyiquan 茉莉花茶形意拳

Controversy can be a challenging word around the Yum Cha table. Even when all the dishes being pushed around by the Yum Cha girls are all so tempt...
Beautiful young woman doing tai-chi quan 太極拳

Chrysanthemum Tai-chi 菊花太極拳

Once upon a time in a land far far away, it was and still is a common sight to see an ancient tai-chi quan 太極拳 master gently practicing his forms ...
Step aside, Chai Latte! Real Chai tea is here!

Step aside, Chai Latte! Real Chai tea is here!

Wet days and cold days are Chai drinking days! Just imagine walking into a warm home with the wonderful smell of Chai… breathe in the aromatic spic...
Are you spellbound by Chai and want more of it?

Are you spellbound by Chai and want more of it?

A good chai is a spell. It seizes your senses – the taste in your mouth, the warmth in your body, the spices in the powerful aroma…it is not just addictive, but demanding – […]