Tea Mindfulness Starter Guide

Building a business, some say, is the best self empowerment / development tool. I didn't realise that when I went to register my tea business with the government.

Nor I believed in this mumbo-jumbo. My motto back then was "(Self) Beating will continue till morale improves."

I just simply thought to get results, hard work and grit were elementary.

That was back in 2003. Fast forward 14 years, I declare I am a reformed workaholic perfectionist ;)

So what changed? It is becoming more mindful about tea, appreciating the true essence of tea drinking.

"Leaf Tea has taught me more than just running a business selling it, it has helped me to become the better me, the happier me, the more beautiful me."

This is where tea mindfulness ritual comes in. The more I drink leaf tea, the more I love the way it nudges me to slow down, like a caring friend without ruling over you.

What is Mindfulness

Mindfulness is a modern movement encourages us to be here and now.

It is not about the past or future.

It is not about right or wrong.

It is not about need or want.

It is, a pause from the crazy busyness of doing.

It is, a step into what it is to be YOURSELF, now and here.

download tea mindfulness starter guide for free
Tea Mindfulness

To practise tea mindfulness, I use leaf tea.

It helps multi-tasker (like me) to S.L.O.W down.

I must admit though that my version of mindfulness is less slow than some others. I have come across mindfulness eating and drinking that takes very conscious presence in biting, smelling and eating every bit of the food and savouring its texture.

I am a bit impatient, so my tea mindfulness exercise is shorter but I love it.

Because it is shorter, I slip it into my breakfast routine while getting my girls ready for school. I do it midday over lunch, and I try to do that every Monday night when I "schedule" a time to connect with my hubby.

I hope you will find this Tea Mindfulness Starter Guide useful in this busy life too.

Let's start.


First choose a tea that tickles your heart at this moment.

Open the canister, and have a smell of it.


Give yourself thanks for taking time to have micro me time.

Spoon out the tea and observe it going into the teapot / tea infuser.

Boil water. When the right temperature is reached, pour water into the tea leaves.

Observe the steam for a moment.

Take a deep breath.

Envelop yourself in the aroma for a second or two.


When the tea is ready, pour it with a smile.

Tell yourself that you are ready for a nice cup of tea.

When you drink it, let the tea slowly warms your throat and your chest.

Take a sip and give yourself the permission to relax.

Even just for a minute.

Drink the tea without phone, computer or anything else.

Just let the tea monopolise you for ONE WHOLE MINUTE.

Or till you are done drinking the tea.

No rush.

Just look out of the window.


And be wonderment of how little tiny leaves can give you such joy.

And be grateful.


Salina Hainzl owns the leaf tea specialist shop Teas.com.au and also a business mentor. Salina is also the author of 8 Australian Tea Guides and the Creator of the Creativity Summit 2017.

Download and print this Tea Mindfulness Starter Guide to help you to find your inner zen through tea below.

download tea mindfulness starter guide for free


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Many years ago when my children were small, I took an empowerment class. We were asked to think of one thing we could do that day to care for ourselves. At first I couldn’t think of anything. After all I was a Mom, full time nurse, and full time student. Who had the time to take a 15 minute break! I bought some good quality tea and had a cup that day. I sat , just sat, for 15 entire minutes with my feet up. The tea smelt and tasted lovely. It was a new beginning for me. I took a break for me and the world didn’t come to a complete halt. Take a break. Savor some tea! You deserve it!

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