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What are Buddha Tears

Jasmine Dragon Pearls (Downy Pearls /Buddha Tears) is possibly the most popular White tea in Australia.

Jasmine Dragon Pearls White Tea

Jasmine Dragon Pearls

Jasmine Dragon Pearls is made white tea (Silver Needle / Yin Zhen) kind of tender tea leaves & buds.

If you like Jasmine Green tea from Yum Cha, Jasmine Dragon Pearls tastes but much nicer!
It makes a light cup with enchanting floral fragrance.

There are some green tea version of Jasmine Dragon Pearls in the market for double of our price. Remember green tea Jasmine Dragon Pearls are merely a cheaper imitation of the white tea version. Authentic Jasmine Dragon Pearls are from FuJian, China and it is a white tea.

Better grades of Jasmine Dragon Pearls should be made of young buds than leaves, and the fragrance and taste should be pleasantly floral, not overwhelming and artificial (or bland).

The amount of jasmine flowers visible in the tea mix is irrelevant to the quality of the tea. They are added merely for looks. The true jasmine taste is in the teal leaves.

White tea is reputed to have more antioxidants than green tea, hence drinking white tea is great for health.

The Chinese name of this tea is directly translated as Jasmine Dragon Pearls. Buddha Tears is more of a fancy name.

Ingredients: White tea (Camellia Sinensis), jasmine

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