Tea - a great skin drink

Here is a rundown of some popular tea and herbs for those want to improve their skin health.

Change of weather and climate can tip our bodies off balance. The major organ show this imbalance is our skin.

No time for skin care (or can't be bother)? Drink a cup of herbal tea regularly like the ones below can keep your skin happy. 

  • White tea is known to have more antioxidants compared to green tea, therefore doing a better job in circulation and eventually removal of toxin in the body.

  • Green Teas - this is by far the "all-time-favourite" as the skin drink for tea. Green tea has been associated with fight the effects of aging and abnormal oil production through normalising your hormones. Many love sipping their green tea for better looking skin, others also use green tea skincare as well. Perhaps you might be interested in a green tea mask or green tea hand cream? You can find these in many Asian cosmetic stores.

  • Marigold (aka Calendula) - relieve sunburn and helps healing dry eczema.

  • Yerba Mate - your fatigue-fixer-upper in this unique herbal tea.  Among its many vitamins and minerals, this tea for skin contains Vitamin B which helps keep moisture in and irritants out.

  • Chamomile - gaining popularity as an ingredient in some face products because of its effects on calming redness in skin. This is also great for sensitive skin.

  • Rooibos - help your skin fight inflammations such as acne and irritations with the flavonoids in this tea.

  • Peppermint - (herbal tea) is cooling tea that can also be a great tea for skin that helps to regulate skin oiliness or dryness by helping new skin cells grow.

This is a snapshot of some of the traditional uses of herbs for skin health. If you have any skin concerns, please consult your health professionals for advice. 


    Feature picture by prostooleh - www.freepik.com