Happy Tummy with Tea

Happy Tummy with Tea

What tea to drink when your tummy isn’t feeling so well?

  • Chamomile               
    calms your tummy muscles when you are nervous – when you have butterflies in the stomach
  • Marshmallow Root 
  • Catnip                               
    relieves cramping
  • Fennel                         
    prevents & relieves gas

Tea maybe the elixir for the immortal but certainly for some people, tea can trigger off discomfort in their tummies.

Green tea seems to cause nausea for some with sensitive stomach.

In Chinese herbalism, green tea is cooling. If your body is already on the cool side, either by birth or sickness, green tea may give you a nauseating feeling.

In this case, try drinking black tea (you can always make it very light) or Pu-erh. Pu-erh is sometimes called the “Old Man’s Tea” because it is gentle to the stomach.

Natural chemicals in tea, such as caffeine can cause tummy upsets. This is also why some add milk to their tea, to neutralise the acidity in tea.

This general information is merely a loose guideline and should not to be taken as advice. Any health concern please consult a medical professional.



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