How I Get Focused With The Help of (oolong) Tea –

How I Get Focused With The Help of (oolong) Tea

How I Get Focused With The Help of (oolong) Tea

What is your reason to learn about mindfulness?

Is it to be more focused, or, to feel less stressed?

I was talking to the leading neuro science-researcher Mark Waldman about staying in our zone of genius, in our creative flow, the "myth" about staying focused came up.

(Creative as in productive and effective in thinking outside of the square)

"The truth is your mind cannot continuously focus non-stop. All those business gurus going on about stay focused to achieve more is total nonsense." Mark said.

"In order to be more focused (for a short time), we need to allow our mind wander at other times - to be more playful and creative." Mark explained.

I think that's why many people like us, fall in love with leaf tea as the preferred way to de-stress. 

Tea is an easy way to practise tea mindfulness for busy people.

Of all leaf tea, I love oolong the most, particularly whenever I feel tense and anxious. These tiny leaves pack so much strength that when they are in its favourable condition (a cup of hot water), they unfurl their beady exterior and release the power within, to flavour an entire cup of plain water.

Ain't that just super cool!

And that tells me the time I invest in making myself a cup of Oolong tea using only leaf tea that I like is no small thing to ignore.

I deserve a good cup of tea, and a cup of tea helps me to be still for just five minutes.

I can turn my mind off just for a while - and let my imagination run wild like a happy child.

I close my eyes and complete absorb in the steamy aroma of my favourite Oolong tea. Affirming to myself, I choose happiness.

I put my hands around my cup, letting the heat transferred onto my cupped hands, allowing myself to feel the inner strength of a good oolong tea brings me.

So much to love about leaf tea. Oh....I am SO IN LOVE!

And then, I am focused again. A happy mind is a focused mind.

I am now ready to roll and again! I am juiced up!

As the name of the tea implies - Oolong - the black dragon.

I am ready to soar like a dragon!

I love oolong for tea mindfulness practice because the tightly twirled beads go through a journey of releasing its flavour and shape as the brewing progresses. If you have time, brew your oolong leaves for 3 consecutive brews.

You will notice first brew is fragrant, second brew is flavoursome, and third a dance of the two! It is so much fun for your senses just with one cup of oolong tea!

My recommendation:
  • Rose Oolong if you feel a bit fragile on the edges. Rose is great relaxing herb.
  • Tie Guan Yin Oolong if you feel you need a bit of grounding - perhaps indecision because too much going on.




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