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Matcha Recipes

Matcha Recipes

Matcha is an A-list celebrity among chefs! Matcha is by far the easiest and versatile tea to use in sweet and savoury dishes. This time we are goi...
Matcha green tea lattes take over in Starbucks’ West Coast backyard -

Matcha green tea lattes take over in Starbucks’ West Coast backyard

West Coast bartenders have given up Red Bull, brokers are powering past the espresso machine and everyone’s quit smoking, so why drink coffee? People in the know have moved on and are licking green mustaches […]


抹茶 matcha iced biscuits

Major Health Trend Alert: 抹茶 Matcha Green Tea Everything

Yahoo Health posted an article last January 19, 2015, that is still very relevant to the world of tea.

抹茶 Matcha, a very recognizable tea that emerged from the cupboards of Japan to groceries around the […]


Journey to the West...Matcha & Chai -

Journey to the West...Matcha & Chai

Last week I caught up with a friend who was excitedly confessing her new found love. “It tastes so good, and it’s really good for you, right?” My ...
Madonna and Matcha (抹茶) Tiramisu

Madonna and Matcha (抹茶) Tiramisu

What is Madonna and Matcha Tiramisu have in common? Since I was a teenager, I love cooking and experimenting with different ingredients – it all started with the green orange juice (which I mentioned in Tea […]


Organic matcha green tea powder

Matcha the Magical Green Powder

Matcha (Japanese Green Tea Powder) is regarded by many as super-food. Unlike most tea powder, Matcha is a premium grade of tea only produced in the strictest standard and small quantities to ensure freshness and […]


Buy leaf tea - Buddha Tears Green Tea

Tips to Buy Tea Online

Is it safe to buy tea online? After all you can't scratch and sniff your computer screen (yet!), how can you be sure when you buy tea online you are going to get what you ordered? Here we have some tips on buying tea online.
Cooking with tea -

Cooking with tea

Cooking with tea is an age-old tradition in many parts of the world. Are all the tea suitable for cooking? Get the complimentary book on Tea Recipes and let's cook up a storm in the kitchen with tea.

Cinnamon Carrot Biscuit with Matcha Chocolate -

Cinnamon Carrot Biscuit with Matcha Chocolate

No trying to be a food cop, but as a mum to 2 young girls, I know I am bearing the torch to their pathways to health eating.  So yes, we rarely ...
5 Green Teas You Should Try

5 Green Teas You Should Try

Green tea is one of the types of tea that is well-loved among connoiseurs and occassional fans.  Now, I want to add more reasons why people should love green tea even more. I’m not going to […]

Let’s Go Matcha Crazy

Let’s Go Matcha Crazy

Matcha has taken the world by storm! Macdonalds has Matcha soft serve and Starbucks has Matcha Frappe and Latte. Even Jessica Alba and Gwyneth Paltrow are drinking Matcha latte. The matcha craze continues to grow. […]


Matcha - Traditionally

Matcha - Traditionally

Matcha and the Japanese tea ceremony go hand in hand. Japanese tea ceremony is called Chanoyu, Sado or simply Ocha in Japanese. This choreographic ritual of preparing and serving the Japanese Matcha green tea with absolute precision and […]