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Qigong Master drinks tea 氣功主喝茶

Qigong Master drinks tea 氣功主喝茶

☴/☳ The Way of Tea and Martial Arts is sometimes like chasing a pretty goal up the escalator of success; Always just out of reach but close enough for us to keep going. Some take it slow and others race to where they need to be to win. Neither way is good or bad.

☲/☵ I know that for some people, coffee is their drug of choice. And I get it because I too, came from a coffee drinking background. However the requirements of being a Qigong Master 氣功主 meant that I had to leave that way of life behind.

☱/☶ I did not choose to be a Qigong Master 氣功主 nor did I choose to give up coffee. But coffee was one of my addictive earthly tethers that my body was starting to dictate against.

☷/☰ And just for the record, Australians do not drink American style filter coffee. Here it is double strength espresso full-on European style. For those going light it is cappuccino or flat white... And for those that can stomach it, it is hard-on Lebanese coffee.

☰/☷ That was my past.

☶/☱ Now I walk a new path . This path 道 involves Kung Fu Cha 功夫茶 and Chanoyu 茶の湯. But for most people, who are interested, I recommend sticking to Tea Time equals Me Time: The simple act of making and drinking tea 茶 to de-stress, calm down and regain their centre once more.

☵/☲ So while some may feel under attack from my Tea Time equals Me Time and feel the need to resist, this feeling is far from the truth. A drink is just a drink. And we are all entitled to our preferences.

☳/☴ These are the choices we choose to make and it is by those choices that we live our lives. Nobody can be 'forced' to live a certain way. But we can, if we are open to it, be guided along an easier path toward our goal(s).

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