An Inflamed ankle: The martial arts lesson drunk with tea –

An Inflamed ankle: The martial arts lesson drunk with tea

An Inflamed ankle: The martial arts lesson drunk with tea

Two nights ago I went to bed angry about this and that. I say, this and that, because I remember being angry but I cannot remember what I was angry about.

The following morning I woke up expecting to get into a fight with loved ones and I was prepared for the war to come. Instead, as soon as I put my right foot on the ground in order to get out of bed, I felt an intense surge of pain coming from my right ankle.

Out of nowhere, I had an inflamed ankle partially immobilising me. Only partially and only briefly. I say it is so because they first thing my martial arts training has taught me was to scan my memory for activities done that may have caused it. Nothing. The second was to scan for past events that were similar. I found a couple. And I instantly knew that my injury was self-manifested in the sense that my inflamed ankle was going to get worse unless I figured out what my body was trying to tell me.

The process took a whole day, of massaging gently around the inflammation and keeping my ankle flexible by walking slowly around. The walking stopped it going stiff and hurting more.

The first healing moment came when my wife came up to me and handed me a bowl of matcha 抹茶: My mind went "shut up man. She's making peace", and my ankle went pop-pop... That felt good!

The second healing moment came when I decided to read up on ankle chakras and my ankle went pop-pop. And that felt good!

The third healing moment came when I was talking to a friend how at the higher levels of martial arts 功夫/武術, the masters go through these events in order to teach us in the here and now, how to heal others with these problems through experience. And my ankle again went pop-pop. And if felt really good!

Later that night, after deciding to abstain for one whole day from doing any Baguazhang 八卦掌, I sat down beside my bedside dresser and picked up one of my countless journals pondering on what was all this holding back for?

As I did so, my kids brought in a cup of tea with some cookies on the side. They had spent the day baking homemade oat cookies to go with the black tea with milk 茶 I had asked for. And I felt joy. And my ankle went pop-pop and the inflammation went down. Tea Time equals Me Time.

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