Hong Kong Style Milk Tea

Hong Kong Style Milk Tea

Do you love a STRONG black tea with milk in the morning? Whenever I need that "RedBull" boost, I go for the Hong Kong milk tea.

Its strength promises a wake-up call to your senses. Its smoothness promises a gratifying smile.

So how to make Hong Kong Milk Tea?

There are a lot of stories about how to make this silky-smooth favourite cup from this buzzing oriental city. We don’t pretend to be the experts, but we can tell you this: absolutely essential ingredients for this tea is English Breakfast and evaporated milk.

Make 2 cups


  1. Steep all tea leaves in 400ml boiling water for 5 minutes.(note tea continuously steeped may become bitter, so pouring the tea back and forth like describe below even within the first 5 minutes is advisable)
  2. Strain and pour the tea from one teapot to another from about a forearm’s height to aerate the tea (this can be quite messy – best do it in the kitchen sink).
  3. Pour it back and forth between the two teapots for 3-4 times. Little bubbles will form in the tea as you aerate the tea. Your tea colour should be similar to dark chocolate.
  4. Get two cups, pour in each cup 1/3 evaporated milk and 1 tbsp sweetened condensed milk. Then add in brewed tea. Ready to enjoy.
  5. Sweetened with sweetened condensed milk or sugar if desired.

Want it:

More fragrant?  Add 1 tbsp Ceylon Classi OP Black tea

More “caramelly”: add 1 extra Assam Black tea

Want it "redder" brew - add 1 tsp Puerh

The Brew darker with a stronger overall taste: use more Irish breakfast or more broken leaf tea leaves

Keep it simple – try our Captain’s Breakfast


You can buy the tea ingredients at


Wikipedia gives you a bit more background info on Hong Kong Milk Tea - check it out now.  



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