Tea packing needs not to be complicated. Here are 3 tips:

1) consider your potential range – every tea has different volume – some tea will look very full in the same bag / tin (eg Chamomile, Calendula) that other teas looks half filled (eg Irish Breakfast / Rooibos). So you need to decide whether you want the same weight in all tins, expecting some will look less full than others, vs same visual “fullness” but with different actual net weight.

2) labelling – don’t forget a recall address for legal purpose. Select a label design with light colour background so you can easily change out the content and tea name while you are expanding your tea range

3) space concern – flat packs like bags are cheaper to post (or for us to send you). Consider tins – they look great on shelves. If you have them packed for you, then plan ahead for storage that is clean and dry, and away from direct sunlight and heat.

If you want to pack the tea yourself:

Pro – you save money and can have lots of variety without huge cost
Con – you lose time. Plus, set up cost for sealing machine etc can be more than getting someone professional to pack efficiently. Be sure to check your local food packaging regulations with council.

So what do you think of these? Want a chat about your tea packing, contact us now!