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Tea is the Second Most Drunk Beverage in The World, Next to Water.

Tea is the perfect little package that delivers the nourishing benefits of mindfulness through the ritual of drinking premium leaf tea. Tea - so small, yet so powerful.
MARKETING PARTNERSHIPS is committed to forming beneficial partnerships to deliver the myriad of benefits of premium tea to aligned audiences. We do this by:
  • Delivering outstanding tea drinking experience as Australia’s most committed online retailer.
  • Specialising in private label teas to deliver powerful mission and vision.
  • Wholesaling our tea to over 1200+ businesses Australia wide.

We tailor custom blended tea and promotion packs from expansive range of tea and herbs to match the mood and demographic target, to surprise and delight your customers, creating a more impactful message.

There is a tea for every promotion, segment and mission.

We invite you to check out a small sample of our partnership campaigns below. To discuss marketing and strategic partnership opportunities, email us here marketing partnership samples


We work with social media influencers with established and engaged followers. We can provide samples at low / no costs to test for TRUTHFUL reviews in blogs, podasts, vlogs or other media. 

We focus on health, food and mindfulness. But if you have a unique angle with your offer, let's have a chat. 

To discuss collaboration opportunities, email us here.


tea pack examples



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