More than Just Your Tea Supplier

Established in 2003, is Australia's leading tea company, providing 100% natural leaf tea.

Wholesale Quality Tea and Selected Teaware

Based in Sydney, Australia, loose leaf tea specialist offers a selected range of quality leaf tea, including:

  • English Breakfast the classic black tea
  • Jasmine Green Tea the Yum Cha favourite
  • Oolong, Puerh and White tea for the tea addicts
  • HIbiscus and other delicious herbs and tisanes
  • Teapot, tea infusers and empty tea bags 

At, we offer a curated range of leaf tea that have a proven record of popularity and profitability over 15 years of our sales history. 

We combine tea blending artistry and profitability, for your benefit!

Your Virtual Consultant in Tea

Many tea sellers come to us because we know our tea. We drink our tea every day so we can tell you what they are like. Quiz us on tea—we know our stuff!

Looking for something else? We have a network of tea farmers, tea sellers and teaware manufacturers we can source products for you. Minimum order applies.

New to running a tea business? Many are pleasantly surprised by our extensive tea education programmes (free and paid) and useful, friendly advice.

Aged with Experience

We are based in Sydney, and were established in 2003. Many of our customers have been with us for as long as we have been around.

Our online shop provides clear stock availability at your fingertips (wholesale membership required—see You shop when it is convenient to you, whether it is 12 noon or 12 midnight.

See Your Tea Business Flourish

To sell tea profitably, you have to find your USP (Unique selling point). While some have seen great profits in selling in bulk, others are laughing to the bank with their private label tea blends.

Whether you run a tea house, cafe, beauty salon, or flagship hotel restaurant, we welcome you joining the growing community of tea drinkers. We don’t prescribe. We listen and are ready to walk side by side with you while you are looking for your “style” in selling tea.

We offer wholesale tea and tea business education:

  • bulk tea (small and large orders welcome)
  • private label (custom) tea blending
  • custom packing (one off or ongoing)
  • tea business coaching/consultation is featured in these main channels

Connect with Us

Emails best. You can also call us. 

(All orders are sent by couriers / Australia Post. No Pickup please.)

Phone: +61-2-9188 6855

Business hours (Sydney time): Monday to Friday 9.30am to 4pm

Phone Ordering: Nah - let's do this in writing - let's do it in email or even better, put the order through here on our website. 

T +61 2 9188 6855 

Partner with Us

We also work with complementary businesses in marketing partnerships. Find out more on our partnership page.