How to start my tea business

Starting a tea business is exciting. Tea is a profitable and healthy product, that contributes to happiness and well-being for many who consumes it daily. 

So how to sell tea to maximise your impact in this noisy market? What are the general steps to get your tea business started? 


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Creating a tea business is not hard. There are now tools that you can easily get a biz up and running within a month. 

What needs more care and patience is the plan to get your products out there - are you selling your tea online? Will you sell in fetes, markets or community groups? 

Perhaps party plans specialising in tea?

Marketing - this is KEY and in many ways, should be implemented BEFORE your tea products are created. 

The advantage of doing it this way is you gain insights to your potential customers. You need to do your homework to know who they are, why they come to you. 

Marketing 123:
1. Why this product / solution?

2. Why now?

3. Why you?

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