Fast Start Your Tea Business –

Fast Start Your Tea Business

Fast Start Your Tea Business

Private label tea? Tea Manufacturing? Creating a new tea business? 

How to make tea selling profitable? To start your tea business fast, the easiest way is model someone who has done what you are intending to achieve. 

But we don't want to just do it fast, doing it profitably will get you off a good start, save you pain and maybe even a family or a marriage!

Salina Hainzl, co-owner of shared her best tips to start your tea business. She has boiled down and condensed her 15 years in the tea industry into 6 KEY fundamental principles in the Tea Biz Fast Start e-course. 

If you are ready to get your business off the ground successfully, this is your MUST-DO class to make sure you have locked in the keystones to your business creation.

Learn more about creating a winning tea business with the Tea Biz Fast Start e-course.

More details and Enrol here:

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  • Hi Julie, the cost of private label tea depends on the type of tea, the scale of production and other concerns that you might have such as using certain kinds of packaging.
    Let’s take this conversation over to an email so we can have a phone call chat to look at your specific objectives.

    Peter Hainzl
  • I have the same question as above. How much does it cost to have private label tea, packaging and labeling. If I buy your tea that is already made but package it myself, how much would all that cost with packaging and labeling? I am starting out small online & want to put it in care packages.

    Julie Mansell
  • I would like to private label tea. How much do I have to buy from you to get started. What about packaging and labeling? How much is it?


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