Tea Soda Mocktail - Traffic Light

Tea Soda Mocktail - Traffic Light

Most drink tea hot. But it's almost worth the brain-freeze to drink an ultra cold tea in a hot sticky summer day.

Today is one of those days. So I am on a mission to find my way to keep myself chilled.

Sure you can enjoy a standard brewed tea chilled, or mix it with lots of ice to make iced tea. But I want to do something fun. Kids-friendly.

Let me introduce you to our new friend #SodaKing soda machine.

Our family rarely drinks soft drinks but kids being kids love frizzy drinks.

I want to create something that has the natural goodness of tea, and kids will drink happily. So here comes...

Traffic Light


2 tbsp LuvBomb herbal infusion

1 cup pineapple

1 ripe banana

1 pear

1 small bunch of spinach

About 500 ml or 2 cups of chilled water


  1. So today, we make tea iced cubes with LuvBomb. Simply brew the tea double strength with hot water for 5 minutes. Pour in ice tray, freeze to set.
    It is a beautiful fun tea with bright red colour. Its strawberry flavour is just right to give you a sense of fruit but not fake and sugar loaded like soft drinks.
  2. Next we meshed up banana and pineapple in our super duper #Thermocook. It is a breeze to blend fruit to smooth pulp when you use one of these!
  3. Put the pulp in another ice cube tray. Freeze.
  4. And then we clean the Thermocook and put in spinach and pear. Whiz till smooth. Make another lot of iced cubes. Freeze of course ;)
  5. So in the end you have red, yellow and green iced cubes.
  6. Fizz some chilled water using the #SodaKing machine.
  7. In a tall glass, place green, yellow, then red ice cubes.
  8. Pour in soda water! Voila!


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