Tea helps us to face our fears calmly

It is "human" to have fears. Often we think it's do or die, fight or flight. 

I have found an easy way to look beyond this binary path of either / or. 


"I shout you a cup of tea and let's talk it over" is a typical thing to say in Hong Kong during business or family discussions. 


According to a study by the psychologist Dr Malcolm Cross* at City University London, "even a single cup of tea can significantly reduce anxiety levels after suffering a stressful experience – and in some cases, make people calmer than they were before." 


I know it firsthand - yesterday I had a supplier "chuck out the teddy" on us. My mind pounced on questions like "how can he do that" and "how do we fulfil the orders" etc. 


I was so focused on the problem to the point I felt my throat was drying up and I was sure a headache was fast approaching. 


So I stood up, went to the kitchen and pulled out my favourite oolong tea. 


I practise what I preach - Tea Mindfulness.


I opened the tin and let the beautiful aroma soothed my nerves. When the hot water was poured into my cup with the tea infuser, I feel I was calmer already.


Sipping the tea put a smile back on my face. As if it was magic, tea has reset my mindset and state within 5 minutes. 


Then I started asking better questions and seeing options again. 


Tea helps us to face our fears calmly, and see above and beyond. 


Still in awe of how much wisdom is in these little tea leaves!


Truth is, there are often more options.  Love yourself a bit more and have a good cup of leaf tea, or rush through you your tea time with teabag stuff.