What is English Breakfast Tea

I still remember when I went to London some years ago, I asked for English Breakfast tea in a cafe.

The waitress clocked her head, looking a bit perplexed. Then asked, "You mean tea?"

Well, yes!

I guess for some folks, the world of tea consists of one tea and one tea only - English Breakfast, aka tea!

So what is this English Breakfast tea that many of us drink in the morning?

English Breakfast traces its origin back to colonial times. At that point, English Breakfast is more like the "chef's special" - whatever tea deemed drinkable after months transported on a sea voyage from the Orient to Europe.

A quick note: English Breakfast is NOT tea grown in England ;)

The modern English Breakfast is typically consists of Sri Lankan and/or Indian black tea. It is certainly a popular choice of “breakfast cuppa”, but haven’t you found there are many grades and flavours of English Breakfast?

Check out this video on what is English Breakfast - the modern definition.


So now you have watched the video above, you know why there is such a huge variance in quality and flavour in English Breakfast.

Many of us choose a flavourful cup of tea to start the day and certainly, English Breakfast is the default tea served in every cafe in Australia.

While English Breakfast is certainly a popular choice, I must confess since I have found Assam, English Breakfast has become soooo yesterday.

I get pretty excited drinking a good Assam. Assam tea is from Southern India and Assam makes a really lovely strong black tea. Its maltiness with good tea flavour trumps every English Breakfast I’ve ever tasted.

Even when I make it super light, just as a light drink to get through the day, it’s just as delicious. Hot or iced – equally good.

For English Breakfast lovers, consider
• larger leaves = more fragrant brew, and
• more chopped up leaves = stronger brew, but not as fragrant

You can always mix the two above to get the best of both worlds.


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