Tie Guan Yin Light

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Tie Guan Yin Light

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  • Tie Guan Yin is an oolong tea known for its mesmerising flavour and its digestive power.

    In Asia, many loves Oolong as their preferred everyday slimming tea.  

    Amongst all oolongs, Tie Guan Yin is most popular. Tie Guan Yin (Tieh Kwan Yin / Tie Kun Yin /Iron Goddess of Mercy) comes in many grades and prices. Ours is about above average grade found in Australia.

    Traditionally Tie Guan Yin goes through a higher fermentation process and is then dry-finished by roasting to give it a bolder taste with a hint of "toastiness".

    The newer variation of Tie Guan Yin is lighter in fermentation (like this one) possessing a sweeter taste and an aromatic spell that is hard to resist!

    Known for its slimming property Oolong tea makes a good after meal cuppa.

    2nd and 3rd infusion tastes the best in room temperature. Enjoy once it's made. Zisha teapot will enhance the taste of this tea worth a try!

    Some call Tie Guan Yin "Iron Buddha" or "Monkey Picked" but these two teas are typically heavily fermented and stronger tasting oolong.

    Exhibiting large leaves, this Tie Guan Yin (Iron Goddess of Mercy / Tieh Kwan Yin) is from the home of many excellent oolong, FuJian (China).


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