Spring Blossom

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Spring Blossom

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  • Spring Blossom is an amazing flowering tea art; unwrapped from orange foil add boiling water to the bouquet tea ball (sitting in a teapot or jug).

    Watch it open into a bloom of hand strung Silver Needle white tea with lily petals in a sea of osmanthus flowers. Each Bouquet Tea Ball serves at least 6-10 cups.

    Wonderful fragrance and taste accompanied with the goodness of tea. A true feast to your senses.

    White tea has been researched extensively in the recent year. It is said to have health benefits surpassing green tea. White tea has none or almost no caffeine.
    Make it a good cup anytime of the day.

    Osmanthus was used in desserts in the Chinese imperial courts. It is known for soothing the throat. Many flowering tea balls in the market is made of green tea but this one is made of white tea leaves.

    Each ball is about 8g (125 balls per kg).

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