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Pu-erh is very popular in Chinese restaurants. In many Chinese families, Pu-erh is drunk to help digestion.

A special woody earthy flavour, Pu-erh yields a strong colour brew but not bitter at all. Gentle to the stomach Pu-erh is known in Chinese medicine as a good fat cleanser after eating heavy greasy food.

Some Chinese herbalists would suggest their older patients to drink Pu-erh to help keeping their bodies warm in winter.

Just like fine wine Puerh tastes better as it ages. This ripe (artificially fermented) pu-erh is about 2-3 years old. Ready to drink.

Pu-erh (Puerh / Pu erh / Pu er / Po lei) is strictly speaking one of its kind, as it requires to be aged before deemed drinkable. Coming from Yunnan province in China, it is a 'post-fermented' tea.

Recipes using Puerh:
Puerh sesame paste beef with cabbage


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