Organic Tencha Matcha

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  • Organic Tencha Matcha - 100% Natural Leaf Tea -

Organic Tencha Matcha

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  • This organic Matcha (Japanese Green Tea Powder) is made from premium tender tea leaves grown under shade in Kyoto (Japan) and is rich in Vitamin C.

    This premium green tea powder tea is packed as soon as it's powdered and air-freight over to reduce loss of potency

    Matcha will naturally settle so enjoy your matcha drink immediately after it's made.

    German chemist Richard Willstätter (1872-1942) discovered that chlorophyll, a nutrient in Matcha, is a great oxygen carrier, hence helping body to quickly repair and heal. Chlorophyll is also useful in cleansing the body from toxins.

    Only available in 60g packed straight from the Tencha Matcha maker to ensure minimum degradation of quality.

    Traditionally Matcha is the tea Japanese use for tea ceremony. Tencha Matcha is suitable to use in Koicha and Usucha tea ceremony. Only the best leaves from the only one harvest per year (Ichibancha harvest) is deemed worthy of turning into Tencha Matcha.

    Consume as soon as possible once open as the Tencha Matcha will lose its flavour and oxidise quickly.

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