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Organic Aracha Matcha

  • The Organic Aracha Matcha (Japanese Green Tea Powder) is made from green tea leaves ground to very fine powder. Matcha

    We carry 2 Matcha - this Aracha Matcha is better suited for everyday drinking and making Matcha Latte and other tea-inspired food and drinks.


    Matcha Thickshake
    Matcha Tiramisu
    Matcha Green Tea Avocado Icecream

    Want more tasty inspiration - check out matcha green tea recipes.

    Traditionally Matcha is the tea Japanese use for tea ceremony but Matcha can also be a very tasty and nutritional addition to your treats like milkshake, pancake, tea cake etc.

    The more premium Tencha Matcha is ceremonial grade (practice grade) and great for drinking with more potency.

    Read more on the difference between the 2 kinds of Matcha.

    Matcha will naturally settle so enjoy your matcha drink immediately after it's made. It also oxidises quickly. So once open consume quickly.


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