Long Jing Xi Hu

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  • Long Jing Xi Hu

Long Jing Xi Hu

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  • Long Jing (Lung Ching /Dragon Well) is certainly one of the most known Chinese green tea. It has been loved by many emperors and served to world leaders when they visit China.

    With its distinct flat sword shape hand fried by tea masters, Long Jing is a must try for anyone who wants to understand more about Chinese tea.

    Its olivy and smooth taste makes it a very nice cup to start exploring good Chinese green tea. Long Jing balances the richness in food such as Salmon and Spring Rolls.

    Long Ching originates from Hangzhou and our Long Jing is from a well regarded government designated Long Ching plantation area called Xi Hu (West Lake).

    As Lung Jing is loved by many there are many grades available in the market and a lot of them are from non-government designated Long Jing plantation in Zhejiang.

    The leaves can be reused for another brew or two. Leaves 1/3 tea in the teapot pour in hot water and steep extra 30-40 seconds for each subsequent brew.

    Boiling water will burn the leaf and cause bitterness! Green tea tastes the best without overbrewing.

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