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  • Too much eating out? It's time to give your body a helping hand to cleanse! Detoxify is a lightly lemony herbal drink with a blend of detoxing herbs:

    • Dandelion root - a well known detoxing herb good for liver and kidney. Dandelion tonifies and cleanses the entire body. Nutritious.
    • Cassia seeds - for blurred vision and kidney problems in traditional Chinese medicine. Cassia seeds is a strong laxative plant. It acts upon tissues of the hepatic, gi, and respiratory tracts.
    • Fennel soothes the entire digestive tract. Reduces bloating. Nourishing. Balances the actions of the cassia.
    • Star anise soothes and flavours. Fennel and Star Anise are both used to help digestion and "push things along" in herbalism.

    This is a strong colon cleansing tea and our herbalist suggests short term or occasional use only. 1 week max. Not for pregnant, nursing, or if taking pharmaceutical laxatives.

    More from our herbalist about detox teas:

    Most detox blends in the market use senna leaf. Our detoxify detoxifies the entire body – emphasizing liver.

    Unlike many detoxing products which are no more than harsh laxatives that actually stress the liver and other organs, this blend works with the body to restore optimum function. Optimal function, especially of the detoxification of your organs, can aid in the breakdown of fat, improved metabolism, and balanced blood sugar levels which decrease cravings and help to obtain and maintain a healthy weight.

    This blends is not a miracle weight loss tea! Strengthen the body's optimal functioning is the goal here.

    Unlike other blends which simply increase bowel movements and promote fluid loss, this blend supports detoxification of as of the systems in the body. It supports optimal function of the immune, brain and nerves.