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Chrysanthemum is a popular Chinese herbal drink probably as popular as chamomile in the western world.

Chrysanthemum is very mellow with a slightly sweet taste. Many Chinese like to drink "Chrysanthemum tea" to replenish the body after late nights to nourish tired eyes and sore throat.

Easy to make, many Chinese drink chrysanthemum "tea" as a healthy alternative to water although it doesn't have real tea in it so it is caffeine free.

Chrysanthemum tastes great with rose ginger or a little bit of honey. Try a glass of chilled Chrysanthemum as a summer tonic.

Due to the high moisture absorbing nature of this product please buy in smaller quantities to minimise spoilage.

We suggest storing chrysanthemum for no more than 3 months in a tightly sealed container.

There are a few kinds of Chinese Chrysanthemums good for drinking. This is the common yellow colour variety which has a sweeter taste.

Chrysanthemum is one of the ingredients in Eight Treasure Tea.

BREWING: Drop about 1 teaspoon of flowers in boiling water. Brew it for 30 seconds at least. Goes well with a drizzle of honey or try mix it with wolfberry, rose buds or ginger.
INGREDIENTS: Chrysanthemum (Chrysanthemun Morifolium)
ORIGIN: HangZhou, China


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