Armour Nail Teapot

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Armour Nail Teapot

  • Function meets art, this is one of our best selling teapots.

    If you love the art of tea, a cast iron teapot such as this one is a good investment.

    This one won't bounce when dropped, nor break. Cast iron teapot is robust BUT HEAVY. So our designer make it look small but can hold lots. Only in 300ml (about 2 mugs) because we care for your wrist ;)

    Tetsubin the cast iron teapot was originally from China and the Japanese further developed them into this amazing decorative yet practical craft. Tetsubin is also known for durability and heat retention.

    Modern versions of Tetsubin (like ours) has the inside of the teapot coated with black enamel to prevent rusting. All colours have been fired into the teapot at very high temperatures and will not come off.

    Cast Iron Teapot 300ml matt black with silver base with small armour nail pattern all around.

    Comes with metal infuser inside.