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After Dinner


Are you looking for a digestive tea that calms your tummy, helps your digestion or just gives you some after meal bliss?

After Dinner is created for the foodies in mind, combining the digestive oolong, sensual rose and the refreshing mint. This is a MUST-HAVE for any food lover.

Oolong is known for its digestive power. The rose oolong used in this blend is a very popular "slim lady tea" in Asia.

In this video
Salina: This tea has Taiwanese oolong in it, which is more of a Ying, feminine tea - with a soft touch.

Peter: Yes, versus, Chinese oolong tends to be more yang.

Salina: So, Peter, as a man, how do you like this tea?

Peter: I am manly enough to give it 8 out 10.


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