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This article is prepared for you as a refresher on the foundation to build an online store.

Pay special attention to Step 7 (email marketing), which is often neglected by online store owners.

(we will cover that in the upcoming training)

It is exciting to bring your business to the largest shopping mall - the internet. 

But just like getting your tea shop into a physical location. There are steps to make your online tea shop opening a lot easier. 

This guide is for existing businesses who are now ready to create their online shop. 

So to start, we are assuming you have these key business foundation in place:

  • business license
  • accounting and legal structure
  • customer service phone + email
  • order fulfilment

So drumrolls please, time to move into the virtual mall. 

Let's outline key steps to get your online store set up here, in the order best done, then we explain them bit by bit.

The entire process, depending on step 2 + 3, can vary from a few weeks to a few months typically.

    1. Domain
    2. Online store
    3. Web development / deployment
    4. Data migration
    5. Integration with existing system
    6. Beta testing
    7. Email marketing
    8. SEO
    9. Social media
    10. Final testing
    11. GO LIVE!!

Don't have your (tea) business yet?

In that case, you need to HALT on the implementing the steps above in taking your business online. 

We recommend to you to complete the Tea Biz Fast Start course first! Don't invest in products or website. Invest in understanding business basics. It will save you thousands (at least) in a long run. 

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