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Thorny Mango

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Ship from Australia

Thorny Mango

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At, we love a flavoured black tea here and there. Many flavoured tea tastes too flavoured and we tend to lean towards the more "natural" tasting ones that doesn't leave you feeling thirsty after a cup.

Soursop, or Thorny Mango is one of those.

The taste of the Soursop (aka Thorny Mango) black tea is pear-like but with a floral touch. It is like walking into the tropical heaven enriched by a flowery scent. Very exotic and tasty.

In the video:

Salina: Soursop is a bad name. It doesn't taste sour.
Peter: True, but so as Thorny Mango, or whatever Graviola or whatever it is called.
Salina: Well not like we can rename the fruit!
Peter: Anyho, nice tea. Kinda gauva-ala-pineapple-banana.
Salina: I prefer to describe more like florally pear taste. Great for chai I bet.
Peter: Nah...
Salina: Is that a challenge??


This is one of those "once tried always loved" kind of flavour from South-east Asia. Its taste will remind you of a florally tropical fruit - a bit like apple, banana and pear all in one!

Soursop is not sour at all. The fruit looks a bit like a durian but the taste is sweet and florally fruity; kind of pear-like taste.

Addictive and hard to find in Australia.

Thorny Mango is a beautiful tea to drink light on its own or strong with milk.

BREWING: 1 teaspoon / 3g of tea per cup. Pour in boiling water and let it sit for 1 minute if served black. Double amount of tea if milk is added. Sweeten if desired.
INGREDIENTS: Black tea (camellia sinensis), Calendula, blue cornflower, flavour (soursop)
ORIGIN: Various (black tea from Ethical Partnership approved plantation from Sri Lanka). Mixed in Australia with imported ingredients.


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