[AMA] Detox Tea and Iced Tea
[Replay Ask Me Anything 26 Oct 17] 
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These are the 2 hot topics at the moment:

Detox tea
There are definitely a lot of hype going around it. Detox is not a bad thing.
If you detox by taking laxatives herbals, it is not sustainable. Sustainable detox is about eating healthy and sustaining a lifestyle that can easily be done every day, put something good in our body such as to replenish liquid that has been lost, such as choosing to drink something good for the body.
  • How do you pick your detox tea - Pick a detox tea that is not only taking out trash from our body but is also nourishing. A lot of laxatives are going into a lot of detox tea, and they are not nourishing the body at the same time. You may notice our detox teas don't use the laxative method to detox, except Detoxify but we're doing it in a caring sort of way.
                DETOXIFY           BRIGHT BALANCE DETOX             CALM BEAUTY
List of our Detox teas:
  • Detoxify only use it for a week
  • Bright Balance detox a nicer easier detox tea to drink it has a green tea in it
  • Calm beauty which is a detox herbal that has no tea in it that you can drink before bedtime.
These are products we have designed to assist detox. Detox when done properly, you will feel lighter, more energized and your weight will naturally come off, because of this natural products. We also have a list of tea recommendations for detoxing on our website. https://www.teas.com.au/collections/digestion-detox
How to make Iced Tea
Essentially any tea can be made into iced tea. You can check our collections of products that we do recommend you to take a look at our website https://www.teas.com.au/collections/great-iced
  • When making your Iced tea, fruit tea is a popular choice.
  • The presentation is also one big factor when making your iced tea, especially if you have a cafe, getting a profit from a beautiful product created compared to just a simple one.
The effort of making your Iced tea look presentable may not be 3 times more but the profit can be. Hibiscus has an amazing red colour fantastic to make into iced tea for both kids and adults. You don't even have to buy a new tea to make iced tea.
Jasmine Green tea or English Breakfast add some lemon or apple juice they are fantastic to make your iced tea sing.
Check out our Iced Tea recipes here https://www.teas.com.au/blogs/tea-recipes.
Anything that we have used tea as an ingredient, cocktails, milk tea, Chaifoggato, mocktails you can find it here. Just go back look at your tea and make something different, things that don't take a lot of work, but create a wow factor when your customers receive it.
Make your tea an income earner for you - particularly anyone who is in cafes. Take some time to work on your business in terms of strategies in helping your tea to move forward and sell.