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Zisha Teapot and Easy Caring Tips

Zisha Teapot and Easy Caring Tips

Zisha teapots are known for its strength. Zisha teapots are often used for brewing oolong and pu-erh.

Tea purist would have a different zisha pot for different tea, as this teapot is made of porous clay and through aging over the years, it will ”mature” with the absorption of the wonderful flavour and aroma of tea.

Zisha means Purple Clay in Chinese. Zisha teapot is usually small and often paired with a sharing jug and small cups to serve medium to strong wulong (oolong) or Puerh. 

Zisha is a specialty from a province in China called YiXing. So sometimes Zisha teaware is also called YiXing teaware. 

Zisha teaware comes in many colours - chocolate brown, green, sienna and the most popular - terracotta. They also come in many different shapes and styles, showcasing the teapot makers' artistic expression and craftsmanship. 

Pouring tea from zisha in the park

Caring Instruction

Welcome to the family of proud Zisha teapot owners. Zisha teapots are known for their hardiness and retention of aroma and flavour.

Before the first use, immerse the teapot in a container of cold water and place it in a pot. Heat until boil. Reduce heat, add some strong tea leaves into the pot and bring it to boil again. Then reduce heat again and simmer for 5 minutes. Remove pot from heat and let the water and the teapot cool naturally. (This process will darken the teapot slightly)

Once cool, place the teapot in a dry, dark and cool place to dry. Avoid using a cloth to wipe the teapot.

After each use, tip out the content from the teapot and rinse it with hot water. Place the teapot in a dry, dark and cool place to dry naturally.


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