Trust My Gut –

Trust My Gut

Computerisation is a beautiful thing. 

Like many beautiful things, there is another side to them. A side that we pretend we don’t see, or feel. 

That’s what makes us sick.

Turn us into drones. Computerisation un-trains us to trust our gut feeling. We don't go out and TALK (not text or skype) to people.

It gets so bad that a newspaper decides to do an article on how to connect with people as adults. 

Feeling is something the computer cannot master, no matter how much it tries to imitate. 

The feeling in our gut tells us to do, or not to do something. 

This is part of us being human. 

Some say our gut is our second brain, yet like many, I have been ignoring it.

Oh my old pal, my gut feeling, how have you been?

Sorry I ignore you for so long. I know I have not taken care of you much, eating bad, sleeping less, working far too much. Been busy, you know!

Everyone wants something from me. 

What am I supposed to say or do? 

I can’t say no.

I am sorry my gut feeling, you have been ignored long enough. I eat badly, not myself rest properly, and not give you the airspace you deserve. 

I am here again. Can we be friends again?

I  am ready to trust my gut.

Be kind to you again, take care of you, my dear gut.

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