Good Digestion = Good Detox

When your digestion is going well, you feel lighter, brighter and more energetic. Good digestion is a way to detox and cleanse your body.

There is a trend of drinking herbal infusion for digestion. But personally, oolong is still my go-to tea whenever my digestion needs a tune-up.

Oolong enjoyed ebbs and flows of fame and popularity, thanks to Oprah and Dr Oz. 

In Asia, oolong (wulong) is enjoyed as a digestive tea, and kind of like the default weight loss tea.

And as you know, we in loves playing with tea, so After Dinner is our "east meets west" digestive. The marriage is divine :) 

This is a MUST-HAVE for any food lover.

After Dinner is created for the foodies in mind, combining the digestive oolong, sensual rose and the refreshing mint. 

Oolong is known for its digestive power. The rose oolong used in this blend is a very popular "slim lady tea" in Asia.

In this video
Salina: This tea has Taiwanese oolong in it, which is more of a Ying, feminine tea - with a soft touch.

Peter: Yes, versus, Chinese oolong tends to be more yang.

Salina: So, Peter, as a man, how do you like this tea?

Peter: I am manly enough to give it 8 out 10.