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Ginseng Chicken soup with Jujube and wolfberries

Kung Fu Ginseng Chicken Soup (功夫人蔘雞湯)

In popular Kung Fu movies and books, when a fighter is injured and needs a magic potion to instantly heal him in a heartbeat to be ready to defeat...
Xing Yi Quan woman

Jasmine Green Tea Xingyiquan 茉莉花茶形意拳

Controversy can be a challenging word around the Yum Cha table. Even when all the dishes being pushed around by the Yum Cha girls are all so tempt...
Beautiful young woman doing tai-chi quan 太極拳

Chrysanthemum Tai-chi 菊花太極拳

Once upon a time in a land far far away, it was and still is a common sight to see an ancient tai-chi quan 太極拳 master gently practicing his forms ...