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Sweet Tea

Sweet Tea

Sweetening tea? Sugar and honey is so yesterday!

Here I want to share with you some other fun stuff you can add to make your own sweet tea.

Make it more healthy with fruit or make it more naughty with...well you have to watch the video to find out ;)

Here are some ideas to get your mind going:

Swizzle Sugar Sticks - The Crystal Sugar Sticks are a fun way to add sugar to your tea. They come in many flavors including lemon, honey, amaretto as well as plain ones.
You can also consider break off a bit of the sugar crystals and sprinkle them on top of cream / ice cream on your drinks.
Fruit Juice - Apple juice is my favorite, as it tastes great hot or cold with tea. Try grape juice or mango juice for variations. 
Fresh Fruit - Besides lemon, lychee, peach and berries are fantastic. Think fruit punch - fun and nutritious additions.
Sweeten Condensed Milk - This is naughty but a key ingredient if you are making a more Asian style milk tea (Singapore, Malaysian, or even Chai).
Icecream or Gelato - Why not! Have an icecream float tea. Our favourite is Chaiffogato. Find this recipe here.


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