Ryokan Gojyuan: Ocha no Wa - Circle of tea

Sunday afternoon. Typically beautiful hot day in Sydney. Beaches, cafes and surf... And a bit of Formal Chado at Sydney's very own Ryokan Gojyuan in Balmain.

It was for me a wonderful day of enjoying time away from family and business through the art of the Japanese Tea Ceremony - Chado.

If you are into Chado, this is the place to go in Sydney. A beautiful Japanese Inn that caters to those who know Japan and its ways through the total immersion experience. There's nothing quite like it anywhere else within Australia.

As part of the experience I got to meet Tai-san. She was a gracious host and as she performed the ceremony, she helped me relax and let of my own tensions. A little bit of Tea Time equals Me Time given back to me. Domo-Arigato to her. 



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