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New Year, New You, New Tea

New Year, New You, New Tea

Happy new year! Easy way to achieve your health goal • iced tea secrets revealed • let's get social with tea • learn about Japanese green tea. 

IN THIS NEWS (3 Jan 2008) 

  • Easy way to achieve your health goal
    We look at goals vs habits. When many people are looking at having a health goal, drinking less alcohol is a great goal to pursue, but what is the habit that supports and helps to achieve this goal?
    What if there is a simple way to help this and doesn't cost you a ton of time and money? 

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  • Iced tea secrets revealed
    Josh from NSW asked us whether there is any specific tea "great as iced tea". We reveal some super simple ways to make awesome iced tea.


  • ​​Let's get social with tea
    Want to EXPERIENCE tea, come to a tea event. There is probably one near you or online, come take a look. 


  • Learn about Japanese green tea
    The symbol of healthy tea drinking, let's explore the Japanese green tea categorisation.  


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