Mr Tea vs Mrs Tea

Do you think there is a "man's tea" and a "woman's tea"?

Recently we talk a lot about tea for menopause, period and girly stuff.

Beyond some physical differences, and herbs that are particularly good for those biological functions, tea is universal. 

Tea is not biased. There are women who love smokey strong tea, and men love strawberry fruity infusion.

The past culture taught many of us to group people together for "easy labelling", but nowadays we are happily celebrating our differences. 

This is what tea taught me. There isn't ONE tea for everyone, but there is A tea for everyone.

While we as business owners want to keep things simple by putting all of you in "men" and "women" buckets for easier communication, we have decided to go the extra step, choose to connect with you for who you are - what you really like as a PERSON.

Let's celebrate our difference and our tea choices.

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