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Weekday Yumcha enjoyed simply

Weekday Yumcha enjoyed simply

Today is Sunday and here in Sydney, Australia we like to sometimes go to yum-cha for brunch. For those of you unfamiliar with yum-cha, it is basically Chinese tea served with lots and lots of snacks.

It is very filling and very satisfying. And it will probably be one of Hong Kong's lasting contributions to Chinese culture, tea culture and international cuisine overall.

Just blogging about it makes me hungry. That's how delicious the food is.

Weekend yum-cha can be a bit full-on, so typically those that love it daily prefer to go on weekdays when its quieter and typically opt for less dishes and drink something more uplifting like Ti Kuan Yin Oolong or Pai Mu Tan if the restaurant has it.

By opting for less dishes, it is usually ordered directly from the kitchen rather than waiting for the trolley girl to come round. All and all, it is a lighter simpler fare. No queues. No loud noise. No pressure.

And no rushing to finish due to time constraints. It is a better way to go. That's why I like yum-cha on Mondays. Or Tuesdays if the restaurant is closed on Mondays - A practical form of tea time equaling me time. 


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