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Just like onions, oolong has layers

Just like onions, oolong has layers

If you are ready to venture into the deeper levels of tea, I suggest trying wulong (oolong) tea. 

Nothing wrong with black tea or green tea, or herbal infusions. But Wulong possesses a unique kind of sensory "excitement" layers.

Let us start from the top, what is Wulong.

Wulong (oolong) is a tea type sits between green tea and black tea. It is partly fermented. The percentage of fermentation will affect the tea taste - varying from light fermented green tea tasting to higher fermentation with a darker brew with more black tea like robust taste. 

To choose oolong, you should start by checking your preference - if you like green tea / light tasting tea, buying the Everspring or Gin Shan Oolong from Taiwan will be a good start. 

If you like black tea or more robust taste, buy darker wulong like Wuyi Shui Xian (often marketed as Wuyi Rock tea) or the more delightful Dai Hong Pao that is often served to ambassadors in China. 

Wulong is generally more expensive than green tea. Some can fetch hundreds of Australian dollars per kg.

Brewing Oolong

As mentioned Oolong has got these layers of flavours and fragrance that other teas don't have.

Green tea smells like green tea from the first brew to third brew. However, with Oolong, particularly the tightly twirled bead like ones like Everspring or Tie Guan Yin, the first brew is fragrant, the second brew has a lovely balance of fragrance and taste, and the third brew is more robust in taste and the fragrance is less. 

This is the only tea type can do so much magic to your senses, all from one tea!

Drink Oolong for Health

Many celebrities drink oolong for better shape and wellbeing. Oolong is a great tea to drink after a meal. In Asia, many slimming teas features oolong as one of the key ingredients. 

Buy Wulong in Australia

The usual place to start is Asian grocery stores. Unfortunately, it is also the last place you should buy Wulong. 

A good Wulong is a full leaf tea and the typical Wulong found in Asian grocery stores (or Chinese supermarkets) is often made with sub-standard broken leaves. Wulong should be enjoyed in leaf tea form, as the leaves need a lot of room to expand and release its full flavour and aroma. 

Tea bag wulong, even triangular / pyramid wulong tea bags are not recommended, as there is never enough room for the leaves to uncurl entirely, stopping the tea flavour to fully released. Poorer grade wulong tea bags have chopped up leaves. 

There are now many tea shops and online tea stores that sell Wulong in Australia. Speak to your tea specialist, and see if they know their oolong. Once you find your favourite oolong, you will be hooked for life!

Ready to experience the "layers" of oolong? 
C'mon - this is good stuff ;) Give it a try. 

Just for fun, here is the Shrek and his "layers" - the more smelly variety than oolong discussed here ;)

Onions have layers. 
So as Ogres. 
Both smelly, 
Unlike our tea. 
What might it be, with layers just like them?
But more fantastical, 
Like a fairy tale?
You bet I can rhyme,
and I have other skills,
I shall tell you another time, 
over a cup of charm.
Wonder what tea I have in mind? 
Wonder no more, my thirsty kind.

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