How to make iced tea

Summer time is iced tea time! So easy and quick to make and far better than the bottled sugary stuff!

In this video, let us show you how you make an awesome iced tea in a flash!

Why not grab some of your favourite tea and make it into a summer thirst quencher?


In the above video: Summer time!

A lot of people like to drink iced tea in summer. Of course, every now and then, we get customers that say cold tea is not so good.

Anyway, what we are talking about is cold tea, the chilled tea. Chilled tea essentially can be made from any tea.

Any of your favourite tea will do it; the trick is to double the strength.

A lot of people brew it just exactly the same way as they brew a normal hot cup of tea.

The problem is your taste buds need to work doubly hard until it actually tastes the icy flavour, so you’ve got to make it stronger from the word go.

You can sweeten it or if you prefer not to, one trick that we learn from a lot of Asian cafe’s is actually just to go ahead and just get a big huge spoonful of sugar.

Melt it in just normal hot water give it a stir, essentially, you left the sugary water.

And then you can actually use that like syrup and sweeten your tea as you wish when you’re drinking it or when you’re serving it weather to your friend or a customer so they can actually sweeten it, how-ever they like.

But most importantly, double the strength.

Don’t go skinny of it – you know you can always make it strong and then follow it with more water and ice.

Half glass of ice and then make your tea as normal double strength but you know essentially make it with hot water and then go ahead and pour it into the glass.

Now you have a nice iced tea.

I definitely need a bit of hydration when the sun leaves my skin dry.

So yeah, enjoy your iced tea, keep hydrated this summer!

Check out our tea recommendations for making great iced tea 

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