First World Problem - Tea Storage Crisis

I am sure you would agree with me. Tea storage may not be a world crisis, but certainly it is annoying to many tea lovers!

I tried to rescue my tea storage.

I am probably a bit OC (over control) so I don't like my herbal tea mixed with my black tea (so my peppermint tea won't taste like Chai, vice versa).

The tea tins, different size bags, jars, odd shape tea packages (when I bought them, I thought they were so cute and special), and if you are a collector of puerh, you probably have toucha and tea cakes. 

I need a good way to storing tea!

I minimise storing tea in the kitchen pantry. There is too much cooking odour, steam and other flavours in the pantry.

Tea stored next to garlic powder or biscuits is not ideal.

I went to a "kitchen pantry tidy-up specialist" (yup there is such profession) and asked for advice. 


Nah-ah...that is sooooo...plastic!

So here is my solution. I love it, because it also allows me to personalise them - a good excuse to let my creativity come out and play. 

Tea Tins are fantastic if you KEEP THEM SIMPLE.

Yes you can get cute ones with patterns, cat shape, boop shape and so on.

But I realise after collecting tea from all around the world for their interesting flavours and presentation for 15 years, when it comes to taming the tea storage, simple is best.

By that I mean a storage container you can get reliably, over the years, pretty much EXACTLY the same. You don't have to worry about tea shop A runs out of them, because tea shop B sells them too!

You don't need to fret if you are OC like me (LOL) that when you move to another town, state or country, you get different tins. And before you know it, your tea storage becomes a disaster again@_@


So my now go-to-storage for tea is the silver tea tins.

Square ones are much easier to get consistently anywhere in town or the world!

Oddly the round ones are much more varied and I just don't want variations. Military precision here ;)

So now I put the funny bit of tea inside my silver tea tins. I can set them up on a row. Small ones go into the smaller square tins, and others go into the tall square tins.

I love calligraphy, so I got some paper labels and let my expressive self come out and enhance the tea storage solution with MY flavour ;)

You can add colour bands etc to colour code all black tea with brown band, green tea with green band etc. Make the system work for you.

I am pretty proud of myself taming this tea storage beast ;)

Square tea tin rocks!!

Tall square tins for your tea storage


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