Embrace Life Festival - Making Healthy Iced Tea

Can you drink tea iced? Or even add stuff to make it like a mocktail or cocktail?

Tea Mixer Room Embrace Life Festival

Sure you can! On 26 Feb, we went to the #Embrace Life festival in Blue Mountains and partnered with #SodaKing to showcase awesome iced tea and fancy mocktail using tea and herbs.

Many are shying away from iced tea because it is not how tea is usually enjoyed. But in this event, we challenged many to come and experiment with tea (under expert guidance ;))

And because we all know that tea drinkers are more creative, we dare have fun, and experiment!

So in this Embrace Life festival, we created a Tea Mixer Room. Everyone came into our Tea Mixer Room created their mini tea mocktails - Luvbomb red colour herbal infusion blended with Gratitude green tea, spinach and pear puree ice cubes mixed with She Transforms herbal tea and a dash of soda water and much more!

We also had 6 lucky winners of the SodaKing +  Teas.com.au prize packs. I am sure they all headed home with their Chill with Tea book to create some fancy drinks!

So now it's your turn, tickle your creativity and make some awesome healthy tea for you, your kids and for your next lunch gathering!

Get your copy of Chill with Tea book now to make some fancy stuff with tea, and impress everyone how much of a creative genius you are ;)



Check out this video to see what we were up to!

Special thanks to Simone from Partnerup, Kevin and Tim from SodaKing and of course, Deborah, from Embrace Life! We couldn't do this with your collaboration!