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Buying Tea Outside of Australia

Buying Tea Outside of Australia

If you are from outside of Australia and wanting to buy tea from us, please have a look at this information we prepare for you: Welcome - Book Tea Consult Call

For over 15 years, many businesses create profitable tea sales with an exquisite experience for their customers with premium leaf tea. 

If that's what you want for your business, be sure to learn from the best and buy from the best. 

We offer tea in flexible formats: 

  • Wholesale bulk loose leaf tea starting 
  • Custom Packing
  • Recipe Creation and Consultation
  • Tea Biz Consultation and Coaching

Best next step, if you haven't yet, book Your Tea Consult Call Now.

Based on your requirement, we can recommend best solution for you, whether it is buying tea from us or other suppliers closer to you. 

We work with a network of suppliers and partners in Australia and worldwide, so we can refer you to others. 

Speak soon!


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