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Best Job as a Tea Specialist

Best Job as a Tea Specialist

I just realize that I have picked the best "job" for myself, being a tea specialist.

I used to think a lot - my dad used to hold my palm up and studied the many lines on it, and told me I thought too much.

Then many years later, I got myself into working as a graphic designer. It is a profession about looking at details, being specific and sensitive to subtle and witty things.
Eight years later I left graphic design and became a tea seller.
I love all things food but I didn't know what tea was about to teach me.
While coffee buffs go crazy with instruments and scientific precision with their coffee equipment, I scoff at this "rigid" way of enjoying drinking and life in general.
I love tea being free flow, being "personal" and not stuck in "how to make a perfect cup of tea".
Tea can be made many ways and there is no right or wrong way to make it. Different brewing methods reflect the maker's state of mind and culture.
So what is so special about selling tea?
The art and business of tea teaches me to let go of my perfectionism.
Tea reminds me of life being free flow. Tea is imperfectly perfect as nature intended. There is no one leaf ever the same.
Tea making is about taking time out to love these natural flaws in life and in me...and not judge.
Leaf tea connects us to our higher mind. The metaphor of tiny leaf in its most favourable environment (a cup of hot water), it releases its power and flavour from within, impacting an entire cup of water to become an invigorating drink, that give us the power to keep going.
Tea connects us to our spirit - inner compass, because it helps to foster the mind to slow down and look inwards. Our strength, even within 5 minute daily tea making-drinking ritual, can come out to our conscious. 
Tea time is about ME time. It is a time we are not doing things for others.
We are drinking a cup of tea for OURSELVES. For our nourishment, we drink leaf tea, to anchor ourselves, to find our centre again, saying "I am worth a cup of quality tea. Quality in, quality out."
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