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Tea with sugar and salt helps diarrhea

People suffering from heavy diarrhea should consider tea with sugar and salt to restore bodily fluids and minerals. That’s according to the German Green Cross (DGK) in Marburg.

The best mixture is heaping two tablespoons of sugar and a half teaspoon of salt into a litre of either thin black tea or water. Orange juice is also good for the mix, since it contains calcium.

The mixture should be consumed quickly after preparation. Patients should drink several litres a day. Bananas make a good supplement, since they are high in potassium. If a baby or small child suffers from diarrhea, it is always best to take him or her to the doctor since children can often only get the necessary liquids replaced intravenously.

(By Deutsche Presse Agentur, September 2006)
Article URL: http://rawstory.com/news/2006/Tea_with_sugar_and_salt_helps_diarr_09242006.html


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